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Why I Choose Recovery Every Day.

  Life is pretty lonely when the only thing you are doing is snorting cocaine and pills, and staying up all night watching repeats of shows you’ve already watched. There comes a time in your life when you want to change, but you don’t know how. You are sick and tired...

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Restarting After A Relapse

  Some people will tell you that relapse is part of recovery. I think it’s better to say relapse is part of the disease of addiction. As someone who has been to treatment four times and relapsed multiple times, I know, firsthand, how hard it can seem to come back from...

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5 Things I Learned During Addiction Treatment

  I didn’t want to go to treatment. Who does? I couldn’t grasp the concept of being away from my drug of choice and how I would survive without it. I was in the depths of despair and I didn’t think there was a way out. Treatment seemed long and difficult and I had a...

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Signs of Relapse In Your Loved One

There are millions of people in this country who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Some of them have support systems who are willing and able to help them get help, while others must enter recovery on their own. For me, I had a family in place and friends that wanted...

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Staying Sober Through the Holidays

  5 Sober Holiday Tips It’s that time of year again where everyone is getting in the jolly spirit. They are posting pictures of their champagne glasses and their mugs of hot spirits, sipping wine around the fancy dinner table. If you are sober, this might leave you...

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5 Things I Don’t Miss About Drinking

When I was trying to stop drinking, I never thought about what NOT drinking would be like. We live in a culture that glorifies alcohol use. I am a woman and as I scroll my social media timelines today – I see all sorts of women posting meme’s about how fun...

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