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Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient Services and Transitional Living for the Treatment of Addiction

A Road to Recovery Based on the Revolutionary Clean Three-Phase Approach

Located on the beautiful central west coast of Florida, Clean Recovery Centers provide Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient Services, as well as Transitional Living for the treatment of addiction.

The Clean 3 Phase Approach is more than just therapy

The grip of addiction is fierce and relentless, claiming nearly 90,000 lives a year. Breaking free demands new thinking, unique therapies, unvarnished realism and deep, soul-searching. Welcome to our unique Clean Three-Phase approach that integrates leading edge clinical therapy into a highly powerful program aimed at permanent sobriety.


An addict will look at this program and see, right away, that it is very different from traditional recovery programs. And they will see that it works.


There are no cookie-cutter solutions at Clean Recovery Centers. You are unique, and our clinicians will create a recovery road map specifically for your needs.

Together we learn to live clean, healthy and productive lives by addressing core issues and building a strong foundation for permanent sobriety.

OUR PROGRAM The Three-Phase Approach

Welcome to the Clean Three-Phase Approach that integrates the latest clinical therapy into a powerful program aimed at permanent sobriety. We also incorporate a robust 12 step system. Everything we do is designed to build you up and prepare you to succeed. At Clean Recovery Centers, we focus on the good within all of us, giving you the necessary tools to get, live, and stay clean.


get clean.



Your road to recovery begins! Phase I consists of group sessions four times per week as well as weekly individual and case management sessions. You will learn the Four Agreements and numerous leading edge techniques critical to permanent sobriety. Mid way through Phase I you
will begin your successful integration
back into society as you find work and start to enjoy life once again. Ideally, you have completed your 12 Step Work by the end of Phase I as well.  Phase I is typically 8 weeks or less.

Focusing daily on the Four Agreements* is essential for a clean life:

  • Always do your best
  • Don’t assume anything
  • Be impeccable with your word
  • Don’t take anything personally

*As outlined in “The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom” by Don Miguel Ruiz

live clean.



Phase II is where you will begin to put
all of these skills into action on a daily
basis. You will step down from intensive outpatient to an outpatient treatment level
of care and the number of clinical sessions begins to decrease. Trial, Practice, and Stabilization program elements are covered extensively. Phase II is typically 4 weeks or less.


In this Phase, we learn the importance of commitment and willingness:

  • Commitment to action “Today I will!”
  • Willingness  “I am willing to!”
  • Demonstrate use of Phase I tools
  • Attendance at all treatment sessions
  • Attendance at 12 Step Meetings
    (3 -5 per week)

stay clean.



Phase III is where clients begin to transition into society full-time. This is where we learn about Maintenance

and Growth mastering all that we have learned. Clients typically will come for group session two times per week for an hour and will often have weekly individual and case management sessions. Clients are encouraged to spend no longer than 3 months in Phase III.

Tools learned in the Preparation and Action Phases start to become second nature. Old beliefs are discarded.  New beliefs become ingrained. The whole world begins to look and feel cleaner.  Life becomes more meaningful when we are helping others and not thinking about ourselves.



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